Welcome to the Kingdom of St. Penn Solidarity

Tourism and Leisure

Luxury hotels, health and well-being spas and holiday resorts


In accordance with natural law and the birthrights of sovereign peoples

Life and Liberty

The freedom to live life as you were born to experience and express

In Focus

The Kingdom of St. Penn’s aims and objectives are broad and diverse and covers everything from infrastructure and capacity building to the Nation’s maritime and border security, including protection of our nationals and citizens to coordinating and establishing treaties and trade partnerships with other sovereign regions, nations and states.

Official Seal

Mission Statement

The Kingdom of St. Penn’s mission is to focus on the fact that we are a beacon of salvation in a time of change and transformation. We are working toward establishing a golden-age community with all the amenities and necessities required for a fully functioning independent state. We project to attain worldwide recognition as a private and peaceful Solidarity jurisdiction including (but not limited to): homes, farms, industrial factories, health resorts, schools, hospitals, tourism, education, trade, banking, arbitration courts, coast guard, security as well as a seaport. We adopt the slogan of ‘working with and not against’.