The Kingdom of St. Penn, as an independent solidarity jurisdiction and state, is to be regarded as a beacon of hope in these times of great change and paradigm shifting transformations. Whilst on the surface we may appear to resemble any other sovereign entity, in fact, underneath the public facade we are a very spiritually and culturally driven people. We define spiritual as being in alignment with the commandment laws of nature; and we define culture as having a shared rationale and expression of mind. 

Our International Ambassador, H.E. Dr. Andre Thomas, is a UN Ambassador of Peace, Entrepreneur, Bishop, Government and Political Strategy Consultant, Thought Leader and a Prolific Author of 25 books.

The Kingdom itself is comprised of 6 small islands and several landed territories, details of which are found on our jurisdiction page. In the coming months and years we aim to develop these locations with infrastructure for homes, farming, agriculture, including health resorts, hotels and tourism attractions. 

St. Penn is the new flag ship for equality, justice, freedom and unity as our seal and flag displays. We aim to be the first of modern sovereignty to truly display and express what peoples’ birthrights look like in day-to-day and practical terms. In other words, we level the playing field and thus give everyone a fighting chance to become self-realised and thereby begin to live the life they are here to experience; be the personalities they were born to be; express their talents, skills and gifts as intended by nature; and indeed, be the co-creators we are all meant to be. St. Penn, as a Kingdom, provides all the amenities and necessities for people (home and abroad) to live their lives freely, as they choose, but with a mindful, spiritual and cultural ascending process of growth, with high principles of morale, values and ethics. 

As part of our equal opportunities, we invite people of all backgrounds, communities and cultures, who share our sentiments of sovereignty to work with us as we build a better future and legacy for our children and descendants in general.