Life and Liberty

Sovereignty, ultimately, is about expressing life and liberty in accordance with our birthrights to happiness. Each and every human being, without prejudice, already has sovereignty bestowed upon them by natural occurrence. This naturally-given ordained-sovereignty is our birthright to life, liberty and happiness. There should be no prejudice intended nor injected to this effect.

Sadly, the world has experienced an usurping of peoples’ birthrights and sovereignty, in exchange for local ruling powers’ benefits and privileges. And although we acknowledge that there are pros and cons to this ‘taking away of natural freedoms’, the process itself is ultimately diabolical and is against the naturally occurring commandment laws of nature. Hence, we have observed a decline and demoralisation of nations and their peoples. That is to say… to deprive (a person or persons) of their spirit, courage, discipline, etc., to be self-governing, is against the laws of nature.

We realise that a re-education process is necessary. And by the very definition of ‘education’: Craft (1984), noted that there are two different Latin roots of the English word “education.” They are “educare,” which means to train or to mould, and “educere,” meaning to draw out. To educate, therefore, is to give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to people, in order that they will re-discover who they are from within and thereby ‘draw out’ their true nature and purpose into full expression. Only then can true life and liberty be expressed and experienced. 

The founding people of the Kingdom of St. Penn takes this re-education and training process very seriously. We have, in our own rights, gone through our own individual and collective re-education and training by way of practical experience, experimentation and study. And now we have come to this juncture in our collective journey and hereby intend to help others do the same, in the context of their true expression of Life and Liberty.