Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 – How long will my citizenship application take?

A1 – The process comprises of an initial registration of interest, followed up with a further stage for which you will be contacted. It is not possible to say at this moment how long the whole process will take but we will seek to complete applications in the shortest possible period of time.

Q2 – Will I have to give up my British passport? Can citizens of other countries apply?

A2 – You should not have to give up your British passport as Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. This means you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of other countries. You do not need to apply for dual citizenship. You can apply for foreign citizenship and keep your British citizenship. Citizens from other countries should check if they can also hold dual citizenship.

Q3 – What is the time zone for St Penn?

A3 – It’s Atlantic Standard Time, GMT -4

Q4 – Will there be any resort or tourist facilities?

A4 – The Kingdom of St. Penn, with its six island locations, is currently in the process of establishing tourism sites and leisure facilities for its visitors. With health and wellbeing as the focal point, our hotels, resorts and spas are designed to bring forth grand and majestic experiences for our clients and citizens.

Q5 – What timelines are being worked towards in regard to the official launch and establishment of the Kingdom, the occupation date, and what will be the expected maximum population count?

A5 – We are working towards moving St Penn as an entity into the public domain at the end of July 2020 with occupation of the islands by December 2020. We anticipate a controlled build of the population over the course of time towards a maximum of 5000 domiciled citizens.

Q6 – What are the social needs of the Kingdom?

A6 – Regarding the social needs all aspects necessary for the good and proper provision of modern life and culture will be put in place. For example structures supporting Housing, Education, Commerce, Emergency Response, Health, Law and Order etc will be installed as quickly as possible.

Q7 – What legal structures will be in place?

A7 – It is imperative that a legal infrastructure is put in place immediately and will be one of the first things that will be done. We will be operating under Common Law with our own courts, security and civil enforcement structure in place.

Q8 – What economic principles will the Kingdom be operating under?

A8 – We will be implementing a wholly sustainable economic model which includes job creation and enterprise and we will invite and support companies to operate from within our jurisdiction. We will also be exploiting our nation’s raw commodities for the benefit of the citizens of the Kingdom.

Q9 – How will St Penn manage education?

A9 – Education and training will be key in developing and enhancing the potential of each of our citizens, adults as well as children, and we will ensure that everyone will have access to this basic social right that will provide the tools for each person to reach their maximum potential and flourish accordingly.

Q10 – What environmental policies will be put in place if any?

A10 – We will be upholding some of the general obligations and principles set out in the GATT 1994 protocol for the environment, and to that regard we will employ the latest technologies to ensure we live as much as possible in harmony with nature.

Q11 – What is planned for St Penn’s technological needs and capabilities?

A11 – We will be using highly advanced technologies in partnership with well known companies that are leaders in their field and renowned for their cutting edge technological products.

Q12 – What contingencies are in place in regard to environmental and extreme weather conditions such as flooding, seasonal hurricane and also are the islands on any tectonic plate in regard to tsunamis?

A12 – Everything built on the land will be built with a view to withstand the anticipated extreme weather conditions and we will prioritize those structural designs that will provide maximum protection from the elements. This is a key element of any discussion, planning or negotiation with companies currently being vetted to assist in the development of our infrastructure. There will also be put in place a wide range of contingencies to manage any unpredicted or predictable weather scenario. Also the application of new technological innovation will be given priority in the management of these and any required emergency response.

Q13 – Can I invest in land? Is there land for sale on the Islands?

A13 – There are currently no land investment opportunities available but property, apartments and houses will be available for purchase.

Q14 – How will we get to St. Penn? And how will we travel between the islands?

A14 – The nearest main airport is on Tortola Island and from there travel to the other islands will be by boat primarily.

Q15 – Will citizenship provide the ability to purchase or lease land?

A15 – Citizens will be allowed to own houses and apartments but they will not be able to hold allodial title to the land on which the property is situated. Precise criteria and process will be made available in due course under which application can be made.

Q16 – Is marina space available for rent or purchase if you have a boat?

A16 – Yes, you will be able to rent marina space for your boat under terms to be clarified at a later stage.

Q17 – Will there be commercial renting and / or social renting on St Penn?

A17 – Yes, we are planning for both to be available.

Q18 – How will pensioners be able to access a mortgage, will this be possible. And will there be any financial assistance in regard of this.

A18 – We are looking into this and will investigate any scenario under which this might be made available.

Q19 – What medical assistance will be available to those on prescription with medical issues.

A19 – All normally prescribed pharmaceuticals will be available along with their holistic alternatives.

Q20 – Is there going to be any form of social security i.e. in case of illness, loss of earnings, loss of job or pension age? If so what are the terms and process of application.

A20 – Yes there will be and further details will be provided in due course.

Q21 – What is the capacity of population for the Islands; and how will we prevent or manage overcrowding as the children and young people become adults and have their own children?

A21 – We are collecting information on this as we are a work in progress and we will be better positioned to answer these questions once we are established and settled and are developing our infrastructure with regard to population requirements.

Q22 – How will we prevent corona virus or any other virus, plague or mass illness from entering the islands when people migrate from the UK or other parts of the world?

A22 – We will put in place preventative measures and will employ a robust response to any epidemic and we will utilise all currently available or future remedies holistic, pharmaceutical or otherwise that has been sufficiently clinically trialled or proved to be effective in the population.

Q23 – How soon can we migrate to the Islands of St Penn?

A23 – We are working diligently towards enabling migration to the islands as soon as possible and dates will be announced in due course with a conservative estimation of within the next six months.

“Our objective is to bring and build heaven on earth, around the elderly, the children, and the sick, and anyone entering our borders will be transformed into good health, longevity and strength, removing any negative influence.

We will cultivate our young people to grow so they can have a future where they are untouched and can live unscathed so they can walk freely in paradise.”