Tourism and Leisure

The Kingdom of St. Penn, with its six island locations, is currently in the process of establishing tourism sites and leisure facilities for its visitors. With health and wellbeing as the focal point, our hotels, resorts and spas are designed to bring forth grand and majestic experiences for our clients. The idea is that people will become inspired just by the facilities and health programs that will be delivered (whilst on holiday, so to speak). We wish to inspire and encourage people to make life-changing choices with respect to their health, wellbeing, and indeed happiness. 

Our tourism sites and leisure facilities will spear no expense nor advanced technology. We believe that people ought to get the best holiday experience they can enjoy, and leave us feeling fully rejuvenated, vitalised and alive; mentally, emotionally and physically. 

The leisure facilities will include five-star hotels with restaurants, gymnasiums, swimming pools, health spas, beauty spas, meditation and prayer rooms, treatment centres and education.