Constitutional Monarchy 

The Sacred Council, Governing Office, Ministers and the Secretaries of State, include:

H.E. HRH Queen Lady Dawn: Penn    
Empress of the Kingdom of St. Penn
Through moral authority, our principles of our society are matriarchal and designated by natural nature. The role of our Empress Lady Dawn is to prioritise, oversee, equality through social political, economic and civil rights. She advocates economic egalitarianism including spiritual and physical harmony.

H.E. HRH Lord Sir Paul-Anthony: Simons
H.E. Lady De-Ann: Sarah Hajar De Chausay
Head Speaker of the House
The Head Speaker of the House makes rulings on procedure, moderates debates, announces votes and initiates protocols for ministers. The Speaker also represents the Ministers to the monarch, the Lords and other authorities. He is also the Certified Sovereign Underwriter and Proto-Notary public, responsible for administering and ratifying trusts, treaties, international-contracts and other important documents.

H.E. Dr. Andre Thomas
International Ambassador 
Andre Thomas is a UN Ambassador of Peace, an Entrepreneur, a Bishop, a Government and Political Strategy Consultant, Thought Leader and a Prolific Author of 25 books.

H.E. HRH Lord Sir Robert-Orville: Thomas
Chief Justice/ Senior Judge/ Attorney General/Deputy Prime Minister
The Chief Justice represents the views of the judiciary system of The Kingdom of St. Penn. The Lord Chief Justice discusses with the Government, the provision of resources for the judiciary, which are allotted by the Treasury. The appointed person deploys judges and sits on important criminal, civil and family cases. He gives judgements and lays down practice directions in many of the most important appeal cases. As Deputy Prime minister he has the unique position of being a conduit between the Prime minister and the citizens of St. Penn. As well as safeguarding our citizens on homeland territory, this role primarily aids the Prime Minister with constitutional procedures, cabinet appointments and business, government strategy and to insure that delivery and outcomes of all ministerial positions are achieved. The Deputy Prime Minister is placed when required, to bring political stability and strength within our government in times of national emergency and when a proper chain of command is necessary.

H.E. HRH Lord Sir Gahn-Easton: Miller 
Head of Intelligence
The Head of Intelligence maintains the national security, military intelligence and law enforcement within the Kingdom and its jurisdictions. The department provides foreign and domestic intelligence, espionage and counter-espionage. The principal objectives are to defend the Kingdom of St. Penn and its interests and to strengthen international peace and stability.

H.E. Lady Edyln-Esther-Sharron: Leon
Finance and Administration Secretary
The Minister of Finance and Administration prepares the annual fiscal budget and issues acceptable protocols for its implementation. Government financial assets are managed, which is concerned with the economy of The Kingdom of St. Penn, serving the Treasury Department. Specifically, the department concerns itself with financial legislation, financial institutions, capital markets, taxation, centre and state finances, and the Union Budget.

H.E. Lord Kwadjo: Amponsem
Minister of Education
The role of the Education minister is to inspire and encourage all-round development of a mandatory holistic, humanitarian, inclusive, cultural education for all citizens and inhabitants of The Kingdom of St Penn.  The ethos of education and will have is basis in Truth, Justice, Harmony, Balance, Order, Reciprocity and Propriety. The position involves the minister to draw up policies, strategies and plans for educational development and to create appropriate rules and regulations, and supervise their implementation into all levels of education.

H.E. Lady De-Ann: Sarah Hajar De Chausay
Home Secretary
The Home Secretary has an obligation to issue the strategic regulating requirement of our ‘Peace Force’, setting out what are the national threats, and what our Peace Officers need at an international and local level and to be able to tackle them, consistently, diligently and impartially. The Home Secretary is head of the Home Office and is responsible for all of its work, which involves law enforcement, national security and immigration.

H.E. Lord Christopher-George: Buckley
H.E. Lady Caprice Claudine Afua Fuller 
Health Secretary
The Ministers for Health responsibilities are to ensure the provision of a world class system of National health and wellbeing for St Penn citizens. With no need for private hospitals, our ethos will be ‘prevention rather than cure’ making the focus on individual oriented health, self-empowerment as well as the provision of traditional medical services and treatments. Holistic medicines involve the knowledge that all humans have innate healing powers. Using the most advanced technologies, we intend and will attest to be a Kingdom of healers of the mind body and soul. We believe that real healing is a product of love and care and not for profit. Basic principles of integrative medicine include an enterprise between the patient and the practitioner in the healing process. The appropriate use of conventional and alternative methods to facilitate the body’s innate healing response is essential and through our advanced technologies, we consider all factors that influence health, wellness and disease, including mind, spirit and community as well as the human body. We recognise that good medicine can only come from good science which can drive humanity into new standards.

H.E. Lord Julius Ufouma Elijah Sobotie
Business Secretary
The Secretary of State has inclusive responsibility over economic stability throughout the Kingdom. The focus will be on the integrity of self-sustaining, self-managing natural systems and to attain a justifiable distribution of prosperity, resources and opportunity. The functions of the Business secretary are to inspire all to contribute to society according to their abilities, having responsibility for themselves, for others, which in turn will encourage future generations and the planet.

H.E. Lord Michael-Jarvis: Sandy
Minister of Festivals and Leisure
The Minister of Festivals and Leisure has the responsibility of enriching our lives through music, the arts, our common heritages and parallels, the culture of humanity, public appointments and universal love. The Kingdom of St Penn is a omniversal hub to celebrate life and the optimism of humanity through expression and communication, in peace and harmony .The role involves encouraging creative endeavours through the arts, celebrating talent in all its forms and to allow the influence, manifestation and the centralisation of the arts throughout the world within the Kingdom of St Penn.

H.E. HRH Lord Michael Goldbourne
Minister of Tourism
The main aim of the minister of tourism is to expand the economic activities in tourism in a manner consistent with development goals of the Kingdom and to contribute to national economic growth. This role involves engaging in businesses and in sustainable practices that fund and aid to the well-being of the communities and resources that they depend on. Similarly, these responsibilities include promoting environmentally friendly businesses, helping to minimize damage to lands and wildlife, investing in environmental conservation and protecting the natural resources of the Kingdom of St Penn. This role also combines promoting tourism based on marketing plans, making links between national tourism, industry, businesses and customers. The position organizes the activities of promoting St Penn as a tourist destination on the internal and international market.

H.E. Lady Annais Agnes Cecila Enoe
Minister of Agricultural affairs
This role involves using renewable agriculture and food systems. There will be a focus on the information and outformation that science and natural nature provides. This will aid in the reduction and the effects of global warming. The Kingdom of St Penn will use wind, solar and biomass energy that can be focused and harvested for generations. This provides farmers with a constant income and supplements natural nature and the science in science. It also will be a model for the whole world to show how using renewable resources can create a sustainable world and food for everyone.

H.E. Lady Clare Sapphire Redwood
Minister of International Trade
This department provides and creates a platform for the Kingdom of St Penn to trade internationally by investing in services, aiding businesses and promoting our exports, products and unique position to the rest of the world. Exporting our growth is at the centre of our business growth programme. This will be achieved through funding, investment and the necessity to develop our companies and markets abroad. More importantly,this department will provide grants to eligible businesses so they can attend overseas events. The ministerial position involves supporting international trade and assisting in projects for humanitarian growth. Similarly, this department offers opportunities to help small and large businesses on St Penn, winning and acquiring large ventures, marketing our trade abroad and bidding for international projects.

H.E. Lady Lisa-Dawn: Tanner
H.E. Lord Sir Radhakrishna: Murugan
H.E. Santa De Son Hot
Department of the Treasury
The Treasury Department is the decision-making organization that is accountable for endorsing economic affluence and safeguarding the financial sanctuary of The Kingdom of St Penn. The Treasury advises the government on economic and financial issues, boosting sustainable economic growth, and encouraging value-added governance in our financial institutions. Principally, the Treasury upholds the structures that are profitable to the Kingdom’s financial organisation, such as using funds to run the government, producing coins, supervising our banks and working closely with other departments of the government. Equally, the Treasury ensure proper and adequate capital and funding, diversify funding sources, create robust procedures with a respectable reporting system to data mine, generate reports and analyse Treasury Risks.

H.E. Lady Anne-M-Lindo
Minister of Housing
Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognises the right to housing as part of the right to an adequate standard of living. As a humanitarian Kingdom, we intend to provide safe, affordable and weather proof housing that is ecological and innovative. The building of earth ships, Hoff housing and hurricane resistant homes are paramount for the safety, security and well-being for the inhabitants of the Kingdom of St Penn. Homelessness will be non-existent and this department will encourage, home ownership which in turn will boost generational wealth. Similarly, the housing minister is responsible for building safety and regulations and to ensure that all inhabitants of the Kingdom are protected and comfortable with grander, habitable housing.

H.E. HRH Lady Debbie Bishop
Minister of Arts and Crafts
The association between the arts, society and the Kingdom is interdependent and intertwining with our principles. We celebrate the arts and we value artistic expression for its sincerity, diversity, imagination and importance in education and its effect on the Inhabitants of St Penn’s well-being. A vigorous and pulsating society does not see a relationship between creativity and purely financial business advancements. Certainly much profitable entertainment joins the two effectively. This needs to happen on the small scale and through community-based activities as well as the large and more commercial scale. Our aim is to re balance the relationship between elitism and ordinary people. The present inequity around the world conveys adoration of celebrity superstars, which mirrors the economic discrepancy between rich and poor. We intend to join and promote both angles and to meet at a point of universal creativity.

H.E. Lady Annais Agnes Cecila Enoe
H.E. Lord Dennis Rowe
Minister of Agricultural affairs
This role involves using renewable agriculture and food systems. There will be a focus on the information and outformation that science and natural nature provides. This will aid in the reduction and the effects of global warming. The Kingdom of St. Penn will use wind, solar and biomass energy that can be focused and harvested for generations. This provides farmers with a constant income and supplements natural nature and the science in science. It also will be a model for the whole world to show how using renewable resources can create a sustainable world and food for everyone.