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Becoming a Citizen of the Sovereign Kingdom of St. Penn

To become a ‘Sovereign Citizen‘ of the Kingdom of St. Penn is not necessarily a traditional process. The word inhabitant(s) might be more fitting when we analyse the root meaning and traditional connotation of the word citizen. Although, many of our certified citizens will not actually be living within the domains of the Kingdom. However, it is more of a spiritual process for us, and less of a corporate process. Of course, there is indeed an administration and vetting process. That goes without saying. 

Sovereign Citizenship will come with all the necessary benefits and privileges that reflect birthright elements, such as the right of freedom to travel for instance. Meaning, basic citizenship comes with a Certificate of Citizenship document and shortly thereafter travel ID cards and passports. One can be a Sovereign Citizen of St. Penn but not necessarily be domiciled on St. Penn grounds. In the near future, we will publish details of the criteria and qualifications. 

But for now, do take note that the Laws of St. Penn are totally in alignment with natural law (i.e., naturally occurring commandment laws of nature). We also have our own constitution to this effect. Thus, citizens of St. Penn can consider themselves protected under our laws, and less of governance under other alien statutory and legislative jurisdictions. Yet, with regards to other sovereign groups, nations and states; we work with and never against.